Specialists in Polyurea Coatings for the Mining Industry

The best performing polyurea coatings applied by the most experienced polyurea industrial coating teams in the mining industry.


Complete more on your shutdown with polyurea applied by our expert teams.

Project Work

We can quote on big site projects – coating or lining tanks, bunds, structural steel, bins etc.


Short or long-term site maintenance teams available for polyurea lining or painting.

Blackbee Specialist Coatings

Why you should choose BSC for your next polyurea coating project
  • The leading expert applicators in Australian mining since 2006.
  • Access to the best polyurea coating formulations for each project.
  • Modern fleet of well-equipped coating trucks and relocatable containers.
  • In-house NACE certified polyurea coating inspectors.
  • Full QA processes.
  • Excellent safety and performance record.
  • We understand what our customers need, and we deliver on time, on budget.


Iron Ore



Expert Solutions for Mineral Processing

Virtually any item of mineral processing equipment can be coated, lined, protected or refurbished with fast curing, flexible and tough polyurea.

Polyurea Coating System –
the Ultimate Protection for Mining Assets

The Challenges:

• Abrasion
• Corrosion
• Chemicals
• Movement

• Temperature Variations
• Expensive downtime
• Short shutdowns
• Dangerous conditions

The Answer:

Nukote Polyurea from BSC

  • 100% proven in hundreds of mining applications
  • Good abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Build-up multiple millimetres in one application
  • Low water permeability
  • No primer – just blast, then spray
  • Fast application
  • Return to service within hours
  • Fast cure at all temperatures
  • Special formulations for extreme conditions
  • No solvents or VOCs

This is What Our Satisfied Customers are Saying

Contact us today for information on how BSC can protect your assets

We have worked everywhere – from the smallest to the largest mineral processing companies

Sites we work at include

  • Northern Star Mining - Carosue Dam
  • Northern Star Mining - KCGM
  • Karara Mining
  • Norton Gold Fields - Paddington
  • Newcrest Mining - Telfer
  • Gold Fields – Gruyere
  • Rio Tinto – Dampier
  • IGO - Nova

Companies we work with include

  • Diab Engineering
  • Schenck Process Australia Pty Ltd
  • Reliable Process Maintenance
  • All Rubber TMH Pty Ltd
  • Aurizon Operations Ltd
  • CPC Goldfields Pty Ltd
  • UHP Solutions (WA) Pty Ltd
  • RCA Civil Group Pty Ltd
  • United Industrial Solutions
  • Impact Wear Protection
  • Northern Star (Carosue Dam) Pty Ltd
  • Karara Mining Ltd
  • Paddington Gold Pty Ltd
  • Gruyere Management Pty Ltd
  • IGO Nova Pty Ltd
  • Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd
  • Newcrest Operations Limited
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