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The Blackbee Specialist Coatings (BSC) crew - applying industrial paints and polyurea in Australia, and around the world for nearly twenty years.

Working in the demanding mining environment -  High safety requirements, with huge time pressures, and where our solutions just have to work first time.

Willy Blackbee: Practical Problem Solver and Expert

Willy Blackbee, is the Managing Director and head of operations for BSC.  Well known in the Goldfields area of Western Australia, he is the go-to person for polyurea applications in mining.

With a background in industrial spray painting, Willy arrived in the Goldfields in 1994.  Taking up a position as the crushing and mill operator in the Ora Banda Gold Mine he rose, over the next eight years, to be a shift boss.   First-hand, he experienced the damage that processing minerals could do to equipment. He was also on the receiving end of the problems arising from bad coating applicators and the wrong products.

In 2002, Willy was introduced to a new spray-applied high build polymer coating material called polyurea. Immediately he knew that this would solve many of the problems he saw every day on mine sites.

One obvious application was for lining steel rail wagons used to transport high saline iron ore from the Koolyanobbing Mine in Western Australia.  The wagons were corroding at an extremely concerning rate.  Willy developed a decontamination and re-lining process that meant many of those wagons are still in use today.  Over 700 new and used wagons were eventually lined, then later relined, at the purpose-built blasting and coating facilities designed and built by Willy on the client’s sites in Kalgoorlie and Esperance.

Willy's innovative thinking revolutionised the relining of SAG and Ball mills.  By using polyurea as the shell backing liner instead of rubber, he slashed days off mill re-line times.  Polyurea proved more resilient than rubber and had fewer bolt breakages.

As well as throughout  Australia, Willy and his teams have successfully applied polyurea on sites Internationally.  Mines in PNG (Lihir, Simberi and Porgera), Dubai, Oman, Dohar, New Zealand, even Kyrgyzstan have benefited from his expertise.

After many years as Operations Manager at Nukote Australia, Willy now runs his own handpicked crews of the best operators in the business.

What do we apply?

The right product to suit your project and budget. Nothing else is good enough.

BSC experience means that we can work to your specification or recommend the best products and processes to meet or exceed your goals.

Industrial Paints

As expert industrial painters, we select the best products for your project from the leading suppliers including International Paints, Dulux and Jotun.

These are applied on your site, to your specifications and the manufacturer’s recommendations, with full quality control procedures and reporting.

Polyurea Coatings

For speed of application, durability, flexibility and overall performance you can’t go past the BSC range of spray applied polyurea coatings.

We have partnered with Nukote Coating Systems International to continue bringing the benefits of their product range and experience to Australian industry.

When Polyurea coatings first emerged, they changed the game on what protective coatings can achieve.  The latest formulations continue to push the boundaries with extreme performance in abrasion resistance, acid resistance, flexibility, and toughness.

For example, when lining rail wagons in service for transporting highly abrasive or corrosive minerals, there may be different requirements, depending on the mineral and wagon design.  A belly dumper style usually needs a liner that minimises hangup when the ore dumps.  Nukote HAR combines High Abrasion Resistance with the most slippery surface.  Where more toughness and rigidity is required, Nukote HTD will resist impact damage.

Willy Blackbee and his BSC team of recognised polyurea experts -  bringing polyurea technology to the mining industry for nearly 20 years.

Where do we work?

We are based in Western Australia, servicing mainly the local mining industry from our self contained trucks.

Our trucks can drive to, or be transported anywhere in Australia for your project.

We set up containerised application units for international projects and have extensive experience working in Papua New Guinea.

What do we protect and coat?

Polyurea is ideally suited for coating steel and concrete, but can also be applied to wood, polyurethane and many other substrates.

A seamless, monolithic (single layer) of durable polurea contains liquids, protects from abrasion and chemicals, rebuilds degraded substrates and can be recoated.

Choose polyurea when fast cure, high build, flexibility and performance are required.

Examples in the mining industry are process and CIL/CIP tanks, chutes, rail wagons, transport bins, Ball/SAG mill linings, screen decks, structural steel, containment bunds, plinths and trommels.

We understand what is required

Are you concerned that your coating contractor won’t perform?  That their work won’t be done on time, that they may cause a safety incident, or that their product might not last?  A wrong move could lose your company a fortune and maybe even lose you a job.

We understand your concerns and that is why every Blackbee Specialist Coatings applicator is an experienced professional dedicated to exceeding your expectations.  We care as much as you do about your project, because our reputation is based on doing every project right first time.


The specification is reviewed and checked to make sure that the right products are being used, in the right way and with the right surface preparation.


Every job is carefully planned so that the right equipment, with the right materials and the best crew turn up on-time to perform your job.


Complete cooperation and communication with other contractors and site personnel sit alongside our rigorous pre-mobilisation safety preparation and on-site risk assessments.  Safety is of paramount importance and is always our first priority.

Quality Control

Quality control is not only about doing everything right, but also about being able to prove it. With NACE Qualified supervisors, every BSC team knows that a coating job is not completed properly unless the processes are followed and documented.


When time is of the essence, when you have deadlines to meet, that is when the BSC team step up to the plate and just get the job done.  Like they have been doing for nearly 20 years.

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