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Blackbee Specialist Coatings (BSC) are expert polyurea lining contractors based in Western Australia.  We service the demand for professional experienced coating applicators to work on mining and mineral processing sites throughout Australia.

BSC apply a range of protective coatings, including industrial paints from International, Dulux, Jotun and Wattyl.

Many coating applications require physical properties that industrial paints struggle to provide, for example, resistance to chemicals or abrasion, high flexibility, speed of application and cure, and fast return to service time.

BSC use and recommend the Nukote range of premium polyurea and polyurethane spray-applied elastomers from Nukote Global.

Nukote Global are a leading international manufacturer of high performance protective coatings for every application.  BSC are approved partners and applicators of Nukote products.

Click on the links below to view the Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets for our most commonly specified Nukote products.

Nukote ST-M Pure Polyurea

Nukote ST-M pure polyurea has been extensively used in Australia for over 11 years for a wide variety of applications, including lining tanks, concrete bunds, rail wagons, thickeners, screen decks, general waterproofing etc.  The medium fast gel time, high elongation and toughness make it the standard go-to formulation for most jobs.

Download Nukote ST-M TDS
Download Nukote ST-M Side A MSDS
Download Nukote ST-M Side B MSDS

Nukote HAR High Abrasion Resistant Modified Polyurea

Nukote HAR is used for applications where high abrasion resistance or a low friction surface (e.g. minimising hangup in mineral transport bins or wagons), is required.

Download Nukote HAR TDS
Download Nukote HAR Side A MSDS
Download Nukote HAR Side B MSDS

Nukote XT Plus Extreme Conditions Modified Polyrea

While most polyurea exhibits good resistance to mild acids and alkalis, Nukote XT Plus has been formulated to withstand much higher acid and alkali exposure, and solutions of up to 50% sulphuric acid can be contained.

Download Nukote XT Plus TDS
Download Nukote XT Plus Side A MSDS
Download Nukote XT Plus Side B MSDS

Nukote HTD Pure Polyurea

Nukote HTD was formulated to provide a harder, and stiffer liner for specialist applications requiring those properties.  Originally designed as a pipeline coating, Nukote HTD has found a place in specific polyurea projects in Australia.

Download Nukote HTD TDS
Download Nukote HTD Plus Side A MSDS
Download Nukote HTD Plus Side B MSDS

Nukote Premera Nano Primers

An exciting recent development from Nukote are their range of adhesion promoting nano primers, which give a previously unknown level of adhesion between polyurea and various substrates, and between layers of old and new polyurea coatings.

Download Premera AE T7 TDS

If you have a question about polyurea or a job you would like to discuss with BSC, then please complete the contact form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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